Los Angeles Botox Course

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments that a dentist will usually offer is teeth whitening, a procedure that people will often want even if they do not actually need it! It can be surprising sometimes for a dentist to hear just how miserable a patient can be with their teeth looking the way that they do, but we know that this can have a very real and profound effect on the patient’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Often teeth whitening can transform a person’s emotional happiness almost instantly, and that is why as a dentist you should be considering whether or not you are maximizing your teeth whitening options at your dental practice.

For example, have you considered also including Botox in one of your procedure options? It is another type of cosmetic treatment, and one that many patients are too nervous to find a practitioner of because they do not know exactly what they should be looking for when it comes to Botox certification. Being able to go to their already trusted dentist and receive the treatment would instantly be a positive. Teeth whitening patients have already decided in favor of one cosmetic treatment so they are much more likely to agree to a second, and having the treatments at the same time would also decrease the amount of waiting time.

If you would like to be able to maximize your teeth whitening procedures and offer Botox to your patients, then make sure you attend the Los Angeles edition of the Dentox program, a training course purposefully designed to teach Botox to dentists. This one day course could really transform the way that you offer cosmetic procedures at your dental practice, and it could really be the difference for some of your patients between confidence and self-consciousness.

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