Any good dentist will offer teeth whitening to their patients who could really benefit from the procedure: people who have smoked, those who have had too much coffee, patients who just naturally have much yellower teeth than other people. It can be a real joy to watch someone leave your dental practice with a huge beaming smile on their face when before the treatment, they would rarely smile due to embarrassment at the coloring of their teeth. However, there is so much more that you could offer to your teeth whitening patients, and by expanding those types of procedures, you could really make an impressive difference to your dental practice.

The key thing to remember is that almost everything in the face is connected. If you are working to improve one area, then it really is not much of a stretch to start to consider improving areas that are very close by: and the obvious transition is to Botox. Many people who smoke often have those unsightly hairline wrinkles all around their mouth, and this can age a person horribly without them being able to do much about it. But if a patient like that comes to your dental practice for teeth whitening, why not offer them Botox as well to be able to rid them of absolutely all of the signs of smoking and aging? Transitioning your skills from dental to Botox is not that complex: there is a training course specifically designed for it called Dentox, and it’s coming to New York in the next few weeks.

Dentox Training Class in New York

Expand your teeth whitening practice into an area that you could have never foreseen, and start to give your patients the real hope of being able to reset the way that they look to a time before they made a mistake to start smoking.

Course Information For Medical Professionals: