holisticThe title of this article may sound a little extreme, but there are actually many dangers when it comes to oral health. Not only can our teeth rot and decay, eventually falling out, but our gums can become diseased, we can develop mouth cancer, and we can experience a huge amount of pain. What sets these natural dentists apart from traditional dentists is that not only are they protecting you from all of those disasters and dangers, but they are also protecting you from all of the errors and mistakes that traditional dentists would expose you to.

X-rays are being used more and more by traditional dentists, seemingly ignoring the very real risks of radiation that holistic dentists recognize. If an x-ray is truly needed by one of their patients, a holistic dentist will not subject them to high levels of radiation, but will instead use a different machine which dramatically lowers the amount of radiation used to get the x-ray. Holistic dentists are also much more aware of the dangers that fluoride poses to their patients – especially children. Although seen as a useful chemical by traditional dentists, holistic dentists understand that fluoride in large doses can be very harmful to us: and if used in very small amounts over time, this can easily build up.

The list of things that a holistic dentist is protecting you from goes on and on; from mercury fillings that are still being used under the name ‘silver amalgam fillings’, to removing any nasty chemicals that you may ingest through your toothpaste by providing you with the recipe for homemade toothpaste, it is hard to know when to stop! Holistic dentists want to ensure that we remain body healthy for as long as possible, and that is why they protect us from things that traditional dentists use all the time.

Source: http://biocompatibledentist.org/holistic_dentistry/