From the embarrassment of being seen without teeth in your mouth to the difficulties of chewing and enjoying your favorite food, teeth loss can significantly affect the quality of your life. It is an inconvenient condition that has the potential to lower your self-esteem to a point that you stay away from social functions. The reasons that cause these teeth lose vary from a simple toothache to periodontal diseases, decay and accidents.

If, for whatever reason, you have lost your teeth, then you need to act quickly. If you fail to take proper action immediately, the remaining teeth may shift their position and lean towards the gaps. This change in position may affect the tissue surrounding the remaining teeth which eventually can cause gum disease and tooth decay. There are several available dental treatments for teeth replacement. However, permanent dentures have proven to be the most effective way to replace lost teeth. It is the best way to restore your beautiful smile.

denture patient

Patient With Dentures

Permanent Dentures Treatment

Dentures are synthetic and prosthetic gears which are originally made to substitute teeth that are missing. For people missing all the teeth, full dentures is a great treatment choice. With a full denture you can be able to eat, speak just like with normal set of teeth.  With our highly qualified permanent dentures San Diego dentists, you will get the best teeth restoration treatment with the best care possible. Our permanent dentures San Diego service provides comfort and guarantees brilliant results throughout the treatment process.

Advantages of Permanent Dentures

  • Permanent dentures are steadily and tightly fixed on the jaw such that no one can be able to tell if they are natural or artificial. The dental implants to which permanent dentures are built-in are tightly anchored so as to hold the artificial teeth in place. As a result, no one will notice that you have permanent dentures since they will be looking so natural. It reinstates the unique look of your face enabling you to regain your smile and the beautiful shape of your face once more.
  • They are much more comfortable and firm compared to the traditional plates. Hence, you get to adapt to their presence in your mouth without any qualms.
  • Once you lose your teeth or you have missing teeth you’ll surely have oral problems which may in the process affect your eating habit. Permanent dentures allow you to eat and enjoy your food just like when you had your natural teeth.

There is nothing as precious as being able to flash a beautiful smile, knowing very well that your teeth would be looking natural. From being able to eat food to enhancing our appearance the teeth significantly influence the quality of our life. If you are in distress from loss of teeth, suffer no more and take the opportunity to visit our permanent dentures San Diego dentist (Paige Woods).