woman flossingScientists are constantly coming up with new innovations in many areas, medicine in particular, and it’s mind-boggling to think of just how many new things have come about in just the past few years, not to mention decades.  Life expectancy is increasing and people are staying healthy longer.  The problem with this is that doctors and dentists need to stay constantly informed of all discovering and developments.  We have no choice but to trust that our medical providers are staying current on all the appropriate research, consult when specialists when needed, and use that knowledge in their practices.  Failure on their part to stay up to date is a concern, and this is common issue in dentistry.

You have have a high opinion of your dentist, but do you really know how well the practice stay current?  There is one easy way to find out how well they’re doing, just ask whether the dentist is mercury safe.  Dentists have been using mercury for hundreds of years, but research has proven time and again that mercury is harmful to people’s health.  Mercury from dental fillings slowly seeps into the patient’s system, gradually poisoning them.  Until relatively recently, mercury was the only dental filling option available to most people.

Fortunately, recent advances in the field of dentistry have led to the development of filling materials that do not contain mercury, but are just as durable as the mercury fillings that were previously so widely used.  With all the evidence that it is harmful, and all the alternatives currently available, if your dentist is willing to place poison into your mouth, what other new developments are they not keeping up with?  It’s important to know that all of your health care providers are staying up to date with current relevant developments.  It can be difficult to know for sure with most medical professionals, but knowing where your dentist stands on mercury can tell you a lot.

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